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How to Download Pokemon App on Your iOS Device?

Since Pokemon Go has conquered the app world in locating Pokemon near you, app designers and engineers have also plunged in to create other tools to catch Pokemon near you. Among the already developed tools the few popular ones are the Poke notify which sends you to push notifications whenever there is a Pokemon traced nearby, Pokevision another online application to find out Pokemon near to your location and above that the Poke Radar which is a crowd-sourced map that helps you find out Pokemon.

When these applications started to roll out, the users faced issues with them like on adjusting the range Poke notify will find a Pokemon a kilometer away which would not be much helpful for you. Most of the others have either ripped off their features. Some of them even technically broke the terms and conditions of the game.

An app from the developers of Pokemon Go, ‘Niantic’, Pokemesh is an app that shows you all the Pokemon, Pokestops and Gyms nearby your location in a map design. It has many interesting features and makes the game more interactive for you. You can run this application in android phones, ios or iPhones and even in your PC. Here are the unique features of this new application that would let you explore a whole new world of Pokemon near you.

What are the Main Features of Pokemon App?

Step by Step Procedure to Download Pokemesh for iOS:

Pokemesh was previously designed for Android phones but now it’s available also for ios and iPhones which are real news for the ios and iPhone users.

With the entry of Pokemesh in the scene you would no more miss the Pokemon Go app on your phone. For those phones which still do not support Pokemon, they also have alternative options like Pokesensor, Poke Live PokeOn Map.