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Point & Shoot Digital Cameras - Buying Guide For Beginners

Point and shoot cameras are still cameras. They are also known as compact cameras owing to their small size. They are convenient for use while travelling as they generally occupy less space than DSLRs and SLR cameras. $500 & Below Best Point & Shoot Cameras for beginners of photography or travellers generally prefer point and shoot cameras as they are easy to use and carry. Depending on the brand of cameras you choose, they are generally less expensive than SLR cameras. These cameras are better than the phone camera as a phone camera is limited in terms of picture quality and ability to zoom.

How do point and shoot cameras work?

Firstly, point and shoot cameras are preferred as they are simple to use and the user need not understand the mechanism of creating a picture while unleashing his or her creativity. Nevertheless, it might be interesting to know how the model actually works. The light rays of the photograph that the photographer sees in the viewfinder are not the same that passes through the primary lens of the camera. This is why the image that one sees in the viewfinder is a little different than that which is finally created. The rest of the controls are very easy and can be learnt if needed. A photographer need not explore the manual control at all.

What are some pros of Point and shoot cameras?

What are some cons of Point and shoot cameras?

In conclusion, point and shoot cameras are convenient to use and provide sharp images. They are perfect for people who do not want to invest a lot of money and time in the field of photography.