• Active Noise Reduction (ANR) which gives the perception that sound is reduced considerably.
  • A quick assessment of previous, more common microwave ovens shows that, in times of less than optimum power supply
  • We all know what the Internet is. It's the thing that allows you browse through those not so ideal sites your mom warned you about.


From time immemorial, mankind has always invented various devices through which he could optimise his existence here on earth and achieve better efficiency at life. The computer, one of earth's most revolutionary inventions, has proven over time, through sheer diversity of applications, to be the embodiment of that desire for both efficiency, and existence optimisation. The computer's reaches span so far and wide that new ones are discovered faster than the old ones can be fully optimised to capacity. From work to the acquisition of knowledge and skills, computers have radically changed, and dare I say, improved these processes greatly.

A large percentage of today's generation may not quite recall or even have experienced the evolution of communication in the modern world. However, there are still a lot who can think back to a more complex, less efficient time of hand written letters delivered by hand as well. The time of letters and attachments delivered by fax and the distance problems they were faced with. These days, an email can be sent and received within minutes and over impossible distances no less. All this has been made possible through various advancements in the computer.

Now that being said, when one talks about advancements in computers, mention of the Internet is only too mandatory. We all know what the Internet is.

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It's the thing that allows you browse through those not so ideal sites your mom warned you about. It's also the reason why inventions like facebook, twitter and instagram, even have any degree of relevance in today's world.

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 And that's only the tip of the humongous iceberg of possibilities brought by this global network of networks.'Wide', being an understatement in this case.

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The Internet has touched the lives of majority of the earth's human population, bringing with it, ease of communication, work efficiency and simplification while also making available, a wide array of informative content.

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Work of Technological Brilliance


information spanning a wide variety of topics

If you still need more convincing on the radical importance of this work of technological brilliance, let's go further and enumerate some ways it has benefitted our daily lives.

1.) Information.

Information, they say, is the key to success and with the advent of the internet, information spanning a wide variety of topics has gotten infinitely easier to get. At the mere touch of a button, one is exposed to copious details on history, entertainment, specific as well as general fields of study and even other innovations. The Internet allows us keep abreast with happenings from various parts of the world.

2.) Business.

When one talks about business efficiency, the role the computer has had to play cannot be overlooked. These days, interviews can be conducted over the air and businesses can reach a wider market through efficient marketing through social media platforms. It has reduced the need for the more traditional use of ink and paper in conducting transactions.

3.) Myriad of opportunities.

With the internet, one only needs to know what one is looking for and the sky is literally the limit. Students can get scholarships, businesses can get funding, actors and actresses can put themselves out there for the world to see without having to wait for a breakthrough role after years of acting as 'shocked waitress three'. Even degrees and diplomas can now be gotten, all due to this technological marvel.

When it all boils down to it, one can see that the computer, in conjunction with the internet, is arguably the 8th wonder of the world. Safe to say, our lives would be that much more complicated, without this invention.



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